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The aim of the website 'Otosclerosis - Treatment and Research' is to give publicity to activities organized in order to further improve the surgical techniques in the treatment of otosclerosis. ENT surgeons have to be very specialized and experienced to carry out such operations and co-operation will be necessary. Since some years it has been technically realized that professionals in this field, from all over the world, momentary and 'live' on video screen have conferences and discussions with colleagues and in the same way may consult each other during an operation, seeing all the necessary details. This ‘telemedicine’ is a stimulant for the evaluation of operation results. The new possibilities are an essential component of the content if this website and may be useful for both professionals and patients.



Otosclerose is a disease that brings about an excessive growth of bone in the middle ear, invisible from outside. This excessive growth of bone is especially located on the stapes, one of the middle ear bones which transmit sound to the inner ear. Otosclerosis results in a fixation of the stapes footplate in the oval window and thus ... Read more


In case of otosclerosis an operation is a very effective method of treatment. Mostly hearing has satisfactory improved. However, in order to maximalize the improvement, surgical techniques have to checked up continuously. Part of this check up is scientific research into the methods of treatment of otosclerosis. Randomized clinical investigations and retrospective analyses of available data may contribute to improve the present operation techniques. Read more



In the University Medical Centre Utrecht the regularly used operation technique for otosclerosis is stapedotomy. During stapedotomy the ENT surgeon removes the upper part of the affected stapes (the ‘crus’) and the grow of bone on the fixed footplate. In the footplate a small opening is drilled and the steel of a teflon piston ... Read more


Otosclerosis is a common disease. For treatment delicate ear surgery is necessary. These facts require permanent improvement of operation techniques and worldwide exchange of knowledge and experience. Before some years it was technically impossible to let momentary comment an operation by colleges in another country or to discuss an operation as if the colleges was physically present. These possibilities are available now....  Read more